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Celebrity makeup dos and don'ts

If you like the celebrity make up tutorials and try to copy some of their red carpet makeup looks than this is going to be useful for you. 
Here are just some of their makeup hits and fails, so the next time you will know which celebrity to look up to.

1.Claire Julian vs. Karlie Kloss

Winner: It's not just about beauty! Claire has chosen a subtle blush to define her cheeks which perfectly compliments her porcelain skin.

Looser : And you think a model will know the basic makeup rules. Poor Karlie looks red-hot! Take it from me guys never make the same mistake always blend well!

2.Taylor Swift vs. Nikki Manaj

Winner: Taylor's flashy fuchsia lips are the perfect complement to her cobalt dress and ash-blond hair

Looser: Wow Nikki's lips are the perfect example of what lipstick 

 you should never wear. A warmer shade would have been a much 

better choice to flatter the princess of hip hop’s gorgeous mocha 


3. Carly  Rae  Jepsen vs. Hayley Williams

Winner: Carly's makeup here is flawless! She looks picture-perfect. Good Job to Carly!

Looser: Hayley's makeup is just as eye-catching as her hair ... but not in a good way. Better luck next time Hayley!

4.Emma wotson vs. Laura Linney

Winner: Emma is just rockin' the 'no makup' look. She manages to opts for simplicity with a palette of neutrals.

Looser: Linney's look isn't good to begin with, but this eyeshadow just makes it a complete disaster!

5.Cara Delevingne vs Paz Dega

Winner: I'm actually a big fan of smoky eyes and red lips and Cara's is working this look. A perfectly executed smoky eye and a dramatic red lip is a recipe for a perfect makeup.

Looser: Paz just went overboard, someone needs to tell her makeup artist to go a little bit softer next time.

Now you know the best and the worst ways to go with your makeup. So what did you think guys, tell me in the comments bellow!


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