I created this blog for all the girls out there, which are searching the intentet for so many thing, so i decided to put them all in one place. 
Normallly we spend so much time to search for many different things: recipes, fashion trends, tutorials etc. here you can find all of that and maybe safe some time. I really try to make this blog worth reading and I just want to make it a fun place where you can find usefull information. 
I started blogging a while ago and this is actually not my first blog. When I started blogging I created a blog just for recipes, because cooking is my passion, it's my dream to make it in the culinary world and my first blog was my first step to follow my dream. Although cooking might be my biggest passion I still am interested in so many other things and I know that so are you. So I decided to spice up a little bit my blogging experiance and I created this blog where I wanted to combine pretty much all the things that we girls are interested in like cooking, reading, movies, gossip, photograohy, fashion trends and so many other things and hopefully you find your passion in one of those things. If you have any requests for a topic that you would like me to reviwe please be sure to let me know! Your feedback is very important to me and I just want you all to know that I'm very greatful to all of you who spend your time on my blog and read my posts.

For all your feedback and requests please contact me on my e-mail or in the comments bellow


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