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Sombre - that's the newest trend this fall! Sombre is the 2.0 version of ombre hair.
Although the ombre effect was a big hit this summer it will extend in the new trend, sombre hair. If you still don't know what either of those mean keep reading.


Ombre is hair with a base that is around 3-4 levels darker than the ends. It has been around for the last couple of seasons and a lot of people arc following this triad including our favorite celebrities. 

Sombre hair is known as the softer side of Ombre with less obvious color demarcations for a more sun-kissed and natural highlighted look. Combining Ombre application techniques without the noticeable contrast. 

If you want to go a little bit softer and change your sombre into a sombre or you just want to try something new three are two ways to do that. Your stylist will offer you one of the two options: 

Option 1:
Part the hair on its natural part. Using bleach, lightly paint thin strands starting from mid-lengths to ends, slightly saturating more onto the ends, Use a glaze or toner to seal the cuticle, add shine and blend all the tones together. Be sure to only leave it on for about 1 minute for a natural look.
Option 2:
Take big horizontal sections and backcomb the section before applying bleach in a downward motion from mid-lengths to ends then foil. The backcombing will help diffuse and soften the lines of demarcation.

Go ahead and add golden, caramel, blond, red or any color under the rainbow highlights to those tresses for a more summery care fee style that will still be trendy well into the winter.

So guys what's do you think about this fall's new trend, LOVE it or HATE it?

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