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We understand most of your beauty regimen is not up for debate. We would never try to come between your nightlyClarisonic sessions or weekly in-shower deep conditioning treatments. But other parts of your tried and true beauty routine may have strayed off course over the years. We won’t mention the dangers of popping pimples or falling asleep with your makeup on—we know you’ve been getting that since high school. However, there are a few bad beauty habits you may have picked up since graduation that need to be broken now.

The Problem: Focusing Only on the Face

Why it’s a habit: You already spend countless precious moments in the bathroom slathering your face with every beautifying potion you can find (isn’t that enough?).
Why you need to quit: Aging is not limited to the skin between our hairline and jawline. Neglecting your neck and décolletage leaves that skin unprotected against damaging environmental factors and can cause the region south of your chin to age quicker than your face. Remember, no area of skin is cancer-proof–with every slather of moisturizer and SPF, you’re not just warding off age spots and thinning skin, you’re protecting your health.

The Problem: Working Out in Makeup

Why it’s a habit: You rush in to the gym straight from work and just want to get your sweat on. Plus, you never know who you might see, right?
Why you need to quit: Rounding out mile three with mascara running down your cheek is never a good look. Yes, getting a regular sweat session in is great for your skin, but makeup blocks pores and prevents sweat from escaping, which traps bacteria and leads to breakouts. Besides, no one wants to look over and see your face smeared all over your gym towel. Luckily there is an easy fix for this one, run a makeup removing towelette across your face before you hop on the treadmill. MDC Tip: L’Oréal Ideal Clean All Skin Types Makeup Removing Towelettes are our gym bag staple.

The Problem: Tweezing Ingrown Hairs

Why it’s a habit: Because you can feel it, you can see it, and you know it’s there!
Why you need to quit: The truth is no matter how determined you are, you will never get that hair. Digging for it, however, will lead to scarring and possibly infection—certainly not the satisfaction you seek. Instead, exfoliate regularly and apply a pimple treatment with salicylic acid (like SkinCeuticals Blemish + Age Defense or Ole Henriksen Roll On Acne Clearing Solution). If you see a head start to appear, make an appointment with a pro to finish the job.

The Problem: Messing with Your Hair When Wet

Why it’s a habit: Your post shower rituals are pretty much set in stone at this point:towel dry, brush, blow dry.
Why you need to quit: Twisting your locks up in a towel is a recipe for disaster. Wet hair is far more delicate than dry hair, making prone to breakage and damage. It needs to be treated with extra care. That means no vigorous rubbing with the terry cloth, no wrapping it up tightly, no forceful hair whipping, and no brushing. Save your strands and swap your bath towel for a gentler option. Use an old, worn-in cotton t-shirt to gently squeeze and blot water from your hair, section by section. And keep the brush away until at least 90% dry. If you must detangle, make a wide-tooth comb your go-to tool.

The Problem: Rubbing Your Eyes

Why it’s a habit: Allergies, itchy contacts, just because… You don’t know–it’s just a habit, OK?
Why you need to quit: The skin around your eyes is very delicate. In the short term, all that rubbing can cause inflammation. In the long term, it damages collagen and elastin, making it harder for your beloved eye cream to the job you want it to do. For a quick fix, moisturize and soothe dry eyes with a few drops of unpreserved artificial tears. And keep the skin around your eye properly hydrated with a mild eye cream. MDC Tip: be prepared for the day and pop a pot of Kiehl’s Abyssine Eye Cream + in your purse.

Confession time: What’s your worst beauty habit? Spill it below!


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