сряда, 4 септември 2013 г.

A chance to win $100,000 scholarship

If you are a freshmen in college you might want to take a look at this. This is a contest by Seventeen magazine where one of yoy could win $100,000 scholarship! It's very easy to
enter. They'll send you the next issue of Seventeen to try risk-free. If you like what you see, you'll get 9 more issues (10 in all) for just $10.00. If not, return the bill marked "cancel" and keep the trial issue with no further obligation. You'll still be eligible to win the sweepstakes.
No purchase is necessary to enter or win. If you'd prefer to enter the sweepstakes without starting a trial subscription to Seventeen Magazine or if you are already a subscriber, click here.

Go here to enter with no subscription:

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