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Feng Shui: Change your whole lifestyle for the better!

Your living space may be damaging your finances, health and emotional well-being. Read the Feng Shui guide and learn how to create the balance you need.

The topic of feng shui bagua applications is one of the most popular feng shui topics for several reasons. One, it is best to know the bagua of your home or office because this knowledge allows you to achieve lasting results in creating good feng shui energy. 

Two, there are two (yes, I am playing with words!) feng shui bagua schools that tend to create confusion for the feng shui beginner. That is, until the clarity is there and you make a choice as to which bagua school to apply in your home.

And three, the feng shui bagua is a mystical, ancient tool, so it is good to always keep in mind that there are many levels, meanings and interpretations to it. One look at a professional feng shui compass with its endless rings of information is enough to assure a fascinating journey into this ancient body of knowledge! 

There is an additional aspect to the feng shui bagua application that might not apply to you unless you live in the Southern hemisphere. The seemingly controversial topic of the correct application of bagua in the Southern hemisphere is not that controversial if you take the time to look into it. 

However, how exactly do you reverse the classical feng shui bagua? Find out.

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